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About PhdData:
This site is the product of the combined initiative and efforts of several doctorate students in the U.S.A., Argentina and Israel, who felt the need for one site that would concentrate all existing information on doctoral researches around the world.

As doctoral students we felt the need for a site that would:

A. Offer doctoral students and their instructors who need a comprehensive and user-friendly database information on all researches in-progress, thus enabling contact between students and researchers for academic purposes and preventing duplication of work currently being conducted. The decision to choose a certain research topic is an independent choice of the student and his instructor, but in our opinion this choice must be made with an awareness of the current research being done in that topic.

B. On the other hand, enable doctoral students who are already working on their thesis to publish it on the site and thus inform others that this topic is already being researched;

C. Allow contact and communication between doctoral students around the world;

D. Facilitate exposure of doctoral theses to professional journals, conference organizers and various research institutions;

E. Facilitate the interaction between the worlds of research and application, enabling entities that might employ young scientists to locate them more efficiently on our site.

Access to our site is free. The site will be funded by advertisements.

All data supplied by applicants will be available to the search function, except personal email addresses that will be used for site management purposes only. Each applicant may register to the site on an individual basis and may change or terminate his/her registration through a secret password.

We will not transfer or sell the information found on the site to any third party.

The Phddata Organization was founded and is maintained by Daniel Vainstub , a Ph.D. student at the Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.

This initiative is supported by the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (http://www.bgu.ac.il/kreitman_school) who welcomed the suggestion.

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