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Advertisements on our site appear in the rectangles on the top and in the boxes on the right side of the home page, Search page and Search Results page.

Please note that almost all visitors to our site are teachers and students at universities around the world, and advertisements should, therefore, relate to the needs of the academic community. An average of over three hundred people visit our site every day, with an average of more than 7,200 clicks a day.

We will not accept advertisements that include political, racial, pornographic, immoral, violent, illegal or insulting content or links to other websites with such a content. PhdData retains the right to reject or terminate advertisements at its sole discretion.


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  • These prices are for one advertisement on one page in the location specified.
  • Your advertisement order is good for ONE month.

How to order:

Send by email to the following information:

  • the advertising image
  • the URL the image should point to
  • the requested advertising area (p.e. R1E, S1E, etc.)
Please note: The right side advertisements are limited to an 183 x 82 pixel box and the top advertisements are limited to a 470 x 75 pixel rectangle.
You will receive confirmation by email that your advertising request as been accepted.
After receiving the confirmation, return to this page and click on the appropriate link below to pay for your advertisement.

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